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I'm a freelance art director

specializes in

publishing design & print media, web design, branding


AFP architekci

Logotype and website for office for architecture

API Agencja Promocji Inwestycji

Rebranding (implementation of printed materials and advertising media) and website visual layout for the agency related to the energy market in Poland

On Chesil beach

Print publication for the DVD film "On Chesil beach"

Live Media Crew

Brand identity and website for the agency realizing artistic and advertising murals

Florida Project książka DVD cover

Florida Project

Print publication for the DVD film "Florida Project"

European Remembrance

Graphic design of the "European Remebrance" symposium program organized for institutions dealing with the history of 20th century Europe.

Jungle Academy

Web design for the arts and entertainment center in Warsaw


Brand identity (logotype, business cards, packaging design) and website of the vegan food producer


Mobile app design for thw application for organizing social events

Viva Canaletto!

Projekt animacji reklamującej festiwal „Viva Canaletto!" organizowany przez Polską Orkiestrę Sinfonia Iuventus.

Grupa Open

Projekt graficzny, skład i przygotowanie do druku katalogu z obuwiem Grupy Open


Projekt graficzny i przygotowanie do produkcji silikonowych obudów telefonicznych

MP kamieniarstwo

Projekt logotypu oraz strony internetowej dla firmy kamieniarskiej


Brand identity (logotype, product design) for the organizer of a fermentation workshop and a store with fermented products.

Best Polish 30'

Graphic design for the festival of the Best Polish Short Films 2018

Adventure Explorers

Logotype, business cards and website for a travel agency

Diego Maradona

Print publication for the DVD film "Diego Maradona"

Beautiful Boy

Print publication for the DVD film "Beautiful Boy"

Stock Market

Web design with a webstore for the quarterly magazine about trading and investing

Amazon Merch

Illustration design for T-shirts distributed by Amazon Merch


Website for massage salon and spine therapy


Design of opening presentation of the Polish VOD platform

KK Dom Invest

Logotype and web design for warsaw developer

Ugotuj sobie zdrowie

Layou design and preparation for printing of a book with recipes for a rotation diet

Strict Minds

Web design for the Warsaw PR agency

Jan Dziuban

Graphic design and preparation for printing of the catalog with the artist's paintings

Gentleman with the gun

Print publication for the DVD film "Gentleman with the gun"

About me

I'm a independent art director, graphic designer & project manager based in Warsaw, Poland.

I cooperate with other independent designers, design studios and advertising agencies.

I've professional educational background (Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Graphic Design) and 10 years of experience in graphic design.

What I do

I focus on publishing design&print media, web design, branding, product design.

I support to drive clients concepts and ideas forward.

I am available for freelance long-term projects.

Interested in a different project? Also contact me